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Many Town Council documents are now posted online, and are available either as Adobe PDF or Word Documents. Please click on your required document below. These can be printed for reference, but cannot be altered, and are published in accordance with Crown Copyright regulations. Click here for Council Meeting dates and Minutes and Agendas.
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Name  Size  Type
Newsletters (1.5MB) Newsletters 1.5MB Folder
war memorial restoration (10.7MB) war memorial restoration 10.7MB Folder
time bank (5.7MB) time bank 5.7MB Folder
community rights (1.7MB) community rights 1.7MB Folder
Winter Gardens (10.3MB) Winter Gardens 10.3MB Folder
WG (21.2MB) WG 21.2MB Folder
Beach Safety (1.1MB) Beach Safety 1.1MB Folder
economic development (39.5MB) economic development 39.5MB Folder
Ventnor Plus Risk Register (939.7KB) Ventnor Plus Risk Register 939.7KB Folder
Our Place Documents (959.1KB) Our Place Documents 959.1KB Folder
youth service (978.1KB) youth service 978.1KB Folder
recruitment (2.1MB) recruitment 2.1MB Folder
coastal towns (7.6MB) coastal towns 7.6MB Folder
our place (52.1MB) our place 52.1MB Folder
legislation (1.3MB) legislation 1.3MB Folder
Transparency (28MB) Transparency 28MB Folder
ventnor library (825.1KB) ventnor library 825.1KB Folder
asset updates (1MB) asset updates 1MB Folder
Our Place Survey 2015 (52.5MB) Our Place Survey 2015 52.5MB Folder
strategic plan (20.4MB) strategic plan 20.4MB Folder
Forums (1.8MB) Forums 1.8MB Folder
Council Policies (3.6MB) Council Policies 3.6MB Folder
grounds maintenance (6.9MB) grounds maintenance 6.9MB Folder
town council structures (456.5KB) town council structures 456.5KB Folder
maintenance manager post (1.1MB) maintenance manager post 1.1MB Folder
south locality health and care (6.4MB) south locality health and care 6.4MB Folder
sustainable transport (6.1MB) sustainable transport 6.1MB Folder
deprivation (7.8MB) deprivation 7.8MB Folder
uploads (1.5MB) uploads 1.5MB Folder
PedestrianisationResearch (84.5KB) PedestrianisationResearch 84.5KB Folder
car parks (9MB) car parks 9MB Folder
consultation outcomes (0b) consultation outcomes 0b Folder
outcomes (1.8MB) outcomes 1.8MB Folder
Regeneration (24.7MB) Regeneration 24.7MB Folder
GDPR (0b) GDPR 0b Folder
annual accounts and returns (12.5MB) annual accounts and returns 12.5MB Folder
town centre improvements (36.7MB) town centre improvements 36.7MB Folder
renewable energy  (65.2KB) renewable energy 65.2KB Folder
youth project officer (869.7KB) youth project officer 869.7KB Folder
renewable energy installation (488.5KB) renewable energy installation 488.5KB Folder
reports for april 2020 meeting (3.9MB) reports for april 2020 meeting 3.9MB Folder
clerks column (14.8MB) clerks column 14.8MB Folder
temporary (40.8MB) temporary 40.8MB Folder
local elections 2021 (2.9MB) local elections 2021 2.9MB Folder
business development officer (1.5MB) business development officer 1.5MB Folder
administrator post (1.8MB) administrator post 1.8MB Folder
Reports (572.5MB) Reports 572.5MB Folder